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1-on-1 Coaching

We all need a little one-on-one attention once in a while.

Private training benefits anyone with specific individual needs or preferences, or looking to complement and enhance their group learning experiences.  Using one or a combination of functional movement training, body-weight calisthenics or yoga asana, you can improve posture, mobility, stability, strength … and overall effectiveness, efficiency and ease of movement through:

  • Corrective Exercise and Medical Fitness:  Exercise IS medicine and making regular activity a part of your treatment, management or recovery/rehabilitation can help you heal and reclaim health.
  • Mobility and Stability Training:  emphasizes safe and effective functional movement exercises necessary to complete activities of daily living – work, home, leisure.
  • Health – enhancing Activity and Exercise: emphasizes fitness for life- how to stay healthy and well through prevention, management or treatment of physical or mental dis-ease.
  • Physical Fitness: emphasizes comprehensive, purpose-built training for lifestyle, fitness or specialty goals.

Contact Laura to schedule a consult, obtain additional information on training options and rates or with any questions!