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Welcome To Essential Elements Health & Fitness

Experience results-oriented, lifestyle-based services and programs dedicated to optimizing health, fitness and wellness.  Our approach to program design and delivery is based on the modern, applied sciences of health and fitness supported by time-tested teachings from the world’s contemplative traditions.

Group Classes and Workshops

There is a special alchemy that happens when individual intention and effort is guided and supported within a community of others.  Live in-person and online classes led by instructors and trainers who are especially skilled in facilitating effective and safe group learning and practice experiences.

Individual Coaching and Training Services

We all need a little one-on-one attention once in a while.  Private coaching and training benefits anyone with specific individual needs or preferences, as well as for enhancing group learning experiences.

More on this coming soon!


Continuing Education and Professional Training

Special topics for individuals looking to learn more or go deeper.  Continuing education and training for professionals interested in adding new knowledge and skills or complete continuing education.

More on this coming soon!

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